Zhu Zhu Pets – One of the Hottest New Toys

Zhu Zhu Pets are in high demand this year, and parents are scrambling to find them. Stores are having difficulty keeping them on the shelves, because as soon as a shipment comes in, they are snapped up immediately. In fact, many of the online retailers who carry this item display “out of stock” next to the item. These toys have only been around for about two months, but experts in the toy industry are comparing Zhu Zhu pets to toys like the Cabbage Patch Kids of the ’70’s and the more recent Tickle Me Elmo. Zhu Zhu pets are toy hamsters that are available in five different types, three of which are males, and two are females.

1. Mr. Squiggles, also known as “the explorer”
2. Pipsqueak – also known as “the dare devil”
3. Chunk – also known as “the surfer”
4. NumNums, who is the “food lover”
5. Patches, who is the “flower lover”

What are Zhu Zhu pets? Zhu Zhu pets are basically cute, furry, interactive hamsters that have become the most popular kids’ toys on the market today, and every child wants one for Christmas. These realistic pet hamsters are adorable, and there are a number of accessories that can be purchased to go with them that make them feel like a real pet.

o Toys
o Grooming tools,
o Habitats that have been specially designed for each kind of hamster
o Tunnels
o Cars
o Food dishes and water bottles
o Other items that are fun for kids to play with

As a parent, you may feel that your child is not ready to assume the responsibilities of caring for a live pet, but the Zhu Zhu Pet, with its artificial intelligence and interactive behavior, is an ideal alternative. These toys are suitable for youngsters between the ages of three and ten, so they are likely to be a favorite with your children for some time to come. How does the Zhu Zhu Pet interact? Zhu Zhu Pets interact with their surroundings, and they will respond to children in a loving manner when they are petted. In the “loving” mode, they will purr and coo, and if given attention for a sufficient amount of time, they will yawn and begin to doze. When they are set to what is called the “active mode”, they will scamper about and around their habitat accessory, roll around in a ball, run on their wheel, ride on their skateboards, or even go down a slide that looks like a cork screw. These interactive pets offer some big advantages over the real thing, as your child won’t stay awake at night listening to a squeaky wheel go around; the Zhu Zhu Pets curl up beneath their own blankets and go to sleep until morning. When you have more than one of these pets, they are even more fun to play with, because they will react to one another in very entertaining ways. This pet to pet interaction is so much fun, that kids want to collect all of the hamsters and have their own menagerie of pets.

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Question by Sugar Coated: Do Kung Zhu hamsters work in Zhu Zhu pet accessories?
My child has a Kung Zhu but wants to buy some Zhu Zhu pet accessories, before I spend the cash I want to make sure they will work together. I know that they are made by the same company and both use microchips in the accessories to interact with the pets.
Thanks Pelican. That makes since on the money end… >< Yes, I've already checked both websites and neither had compatibly info. I'm hoping to find someone who has both types of pets for confermation. Best answer:

Answer by pelican
I’m not sure, but I don’t think they work together. You might check on the manufacturer’s website and see if they have that information, but usually toys like these all require their own accessories and are not compatible – the manufacturer’s method of getting people to buy more stuff.

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Zhu Zhu Pets Adventure Ball Accessory Set

Zhu Zhu Pets Adventure Ball Accessory Set

I can go anywhere I want in my Adventure Ball! Place your Zhu Zhu hamster in the Adventure ball for non-stop Rock and Roll ACTION! Each Zhu Zhu Hamster has its own unique personality & whimsical sounds! Loving Mode: Pet them, love them, hear them chatter. Explore Mode: Let them scoot, scamper, bump n’ boogie across the floor or through their hamster habitat. Collect and Connect all of the Zhu Zhu Pet accessories to make a HUMONGOUS Hamster city!

List Price: CDN$ 36.77


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