Why Your Dog Chews

Is your dog like my dog was? Does he/she chew on everything, ruining all of your valuable possessions? I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve come home to a living room full of chewed up objects, ranging from TV remotes to my wife’s plants!

It was ridiculous…but luckily that doesn’t happen anymore! Before you can figure out how to stop it though, you have to know WHY your dog chews. There are three main reasons:

The first, and most obvious reason, is for self-enjoyment. Just like you may bite your nails, your dog likes to chew. He sees no problem with it, and it is enjoyable for him, so he just keeps chewing!
If your dog spends large parts of the day by his or herself, he or she may be more prone to chewing. You see, your dog may have separation anxiety problems, which in turn causes your dog to chew as a source of relief. Now don’t go thinking your dog has some crazy mental disorder…he may just get bored throughout the day, which causes him to chew. When I’m bored, I eat junk food…when your dog’s bored, he chews furniture
Does your dog get exercise throughout the day? If not, a build-up of anxious energy may cause your dog to resort to chewing to burn energy. I remember at my old job, my dog would be home alone for at least 10 hours a day, and therefor could not get out and exercise, which caused him to chew all my stuff up. Luckily you won’t have to change YOUR life to fix this, your dog can change.

Alright, so now we know WHY your dog chews….but how do we stop it??
If you want easy, step by step instructions on how to stop your dog chewing problems, then click on the link below:

Dog Chews Bumper Off Police Car WDEF News 12 News, Weather and Sports for Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley

Question by Ash: How do I make my dog stop chewing on her paws?
My dog chews on her paws constantly. Everytime we leave her alone for a minute she is chewing/licking her paws. When we leave her alone for hours at a time she chews on her paws and slobers on everything. We have tryed cleaning her paws, putting a bad tasting spray on her paws, and most recently muzzling her, but nothing helps. Is this separation anxiety? What can we do to make her stop chewing on her paws?

Best answer:

Answer by bluepit139
sounds like anxiety to me, or bordom, try wearing her out, if that doesnt work, then take her to the vet

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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A Roseburg man is recovering from an unusual injury. Police say the man’s dog chewed off a few toes and part of his foot. According to police, the 61 year old victim is a diabetic. Sgt. Aaron Dunbar says the man also has neuropathy, which damages nerve endings. “Apparently, the neuropathy had eliminated all sense of feeling in that foot. He was completely unaware the dog was actually chewing on him and he slept through it.” Paramedics received the call for help early Tuesday morning from a home on Eden Street in north Roseburg. Because the call seemed suspicious, police also showed up. The man was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. The dog was left in the home for the time being. Once the police investigation is complete, the report will be forwarded to Animal Control and a final decision will be made on what to do with the animal.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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29 Responses to Why Your Dog Chews

  • NavyMedicUSMC says:

    That’ll teach that ol’…BUMPER! LOL

  • JipJDB says:

    Winston actually died back in October (reported around the 16th or 17th) due to thickened heart muscle:

    Curses! Can’t post the link! Just Google Winston the Dog Dies….

  • PirateLopez95 says:

    Winston isn’t dead. He was tazed. No lethal force whatsoever. Look at this article:
    timesfreepress . com/news/2010/mar/26/car-eating-dog-set-free
    The only consequences he had was 2 weeks of imprisonment at an animal control center and a court ordered obedience school enrollment.

  • sorryunlucky says:

    he was a cute dog he didn’t deserve to die. 🙁

  • bnoah32 says:

    RIP Winston

  • David Chien says:

    stupid cops xD

  • Mgarner73 says:

    Where was
    PETA so they could cuddle the dog?

  • PeridotLadee says:


  • djmarzek says:

    smells like pig

  • Yaznaki says:

    Good doggies!

    Now, where do I complain about this STUPID new youtube set up that I can’t find crap on?

  • xoxsheckyxox says:

    dat schmeckt wohl voll lecker

  • dramadaman says:

    way to go winston! nice work on da bumper!

  • dramadaman says:

    way to go winston! nice work on da bumper!

  • jhssterfield says:

    very good dog

  • imdave1990 says:

    Oh yeah if it’s on the news it HAS to be true I forgot about that…

  • sydeshowfreek says:

    Not fake, it was real. I used to work at that department.

  • tjmbcool says:

    I’d be eating dog for a week

  • Sadowski40 says:

    But why did the dog do that was it not fed for a week or something?

  • OneUnTamed says:

    Troll, its obviously real there was a real news story about it.

  • leandraliveshealthy says:

    Spray chew deterant on them 🙂 🙂 🙂 Works great, but also take her to the vet she may have allergies.

  • Tina the cat lover says:

    I would contact your vet and ask them. Hoping the paws get better…. Good luck…….

  • Frann says:

    my dog does the same thing!!!

  • Mike F says:

    Sounds like an allergy to me. Could be his food, or carpet cleaner or shampoo ????? Start eliminating things and see what it might be. Many dogs are allergic to foods and a friends dog has a seasonal allergy and will only do this in the fall, haven’t figured it out so they can only treat it.

  • DP says:

    She likely has food allergies.. Probably corn in the food you are feeding?? Feed her a better quality dog food.. No corn, wheat, fillers, cancer causing preservatives etc… and she’ll likely quit licking her feet.. Unless it’s become a bad habit now due to the allergy, then you’ll need to correct the behaviour once she is on her way to healthy again.

  • piranhatron3000 says:

    Put something that tastes bad (to the dog) on its paws and it should stop chewing on its them.

  • PaulaDoxieMom says:

    It may be that she’s allergic to something in the air, in your carpet, in her food, in the grass. The vet should be able to help with a solution. They can do damage to themselves with all the licking and chewing. See a vet ASAP.

  • Presley P says:

    Put something with a bad taste on them. Like vinegar, or vaseline. She’s probably licking them because fleas are biting her, or they have a sore on them.

  • spoiled wife says:

    minus the slober my dog does the same thing
    i think it is cute

  • Mango says:

    several reasons why a dog would do that:

    – boredom: does she have toys, challenging activities during the day, enough exercise?

    – allergy: my dog does that in the summer, and she now takes allergy medication for it.

    – eczema: how does it look? is the hair off? is it red?

    – parasite dermatitis (flea, tick, mosquitoe) but that would be also on the rest of teh body – not just paws.

    no one can tell you exactly why your dog does that, you need to go to a vet for a real diagnosis.
    all 4 options above are not life-threatening situations, but it would be great for your dog to see a vet because your dog can create a wound by focusing in one spot, and paws are easily accessible for infections (walk in the park, streets etc)

    good luck!

    here is what I found online:

    Although several skin conditions can cause a dog to lick her feet, allergies are commonly at the root of this behavior. Airborne allergens cause atopic dermatitis (or atopy) in dogs. Basically this means that the pollens and molds that cause stuffy noses, sneezing, and respiratory problems in people make dogs itch. Atopic dermatitis is marked by excessive licking, biting, or scratching of the paws, face, armpits, and groin. Plant pollens, molds, dander, dust mites, and even smoke can cause a dog to itch. Some of these allergens are seasonal, but if your dog is allergic to lots of different plant pollens and molds that are present during different seasons, her allergic reactions may span the entire year.

    A veterinarian will have to determine if your dog suffers from atopy, a food allergy, or some other skin condition. If atopic allergies are the cause, possible treatments include antihistamines, steroids, and hypoallergenic injections (“allergy shots”).

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