The Dog Pillow Bed – A Great Looking Bed Inside Or Outside

These bed’s can be placed anywhere in your room, and are stuffed with comfortability. Your dog will sleep soundly for hours, and will enjoy his bed a lot more. This bed is not much more expensive then a regular dog bed. With the current economic issues, this seems to always be a problem. But, if your looking to help your dog stay healthy, then a few extra dollars to be spent is all worth it.

The stuffed comfortable cushion on this couch will help your dog sleep through the entire night. If your dog has problems with stiff joints, or just old age, this bed will give comfort to their joints and help keep them healthy. Not only will a dog pillow bed be an upgrade in your dog’s life, but will be for your furnishings as well. Many are very modern looking and add a great addition to your home furniture.

The best part of a dog pillow bed is that there are hundreds of beds to choose from. You can pick a bed for comfortable, space, color, look, anything! A dog pillow bed is very easy to clean, and you can even purchase a waterproof cover. This can come in handy after a long walk in the mud, or a rain day when your dog runs in exhausted and plops down on his/her bed.

Many dogs start to build arthritis because of age. This old age can cause many skeletal problems as well, but the most common is arthritis. Having a comfortable bed, will keep your dog off the floor. The more the dog is off the floor, and on it’s bed the healthier it’s skeletal will be, and the more less likely it will be to getting arthritis. Also, as your canine begins to age, it will want to sleep more and play less. Some, as a result of lack of sleep and age will also become cranky. Keeping your dog happy is very essential to keeping yourself happy because of the way they will act.

If your dog sleeps outside a lot, or has his own doghouse then a dog pillow bed inside will be very helpful. This dog pillow bed will help eliminate mold and fungus from your canine, and all other hazards from outside. Your dog will enjoy it’s bed just as much as you enjoy yours after a long day. Investing in a dog pillow bed will keep your canine happy.

When you were a child, your parents supported you with a comfortable resting place, you should do the same for your animal! For more information on a dog pillow bed visit us here!

Treat your pet to a dog pillow bed today.

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Dog uses Cat as Pillow

Dog sleeps / sleeping on Cat
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Question by lmfansler: Why do female dogs “hump” their dog pillows even when they have been spayed?
I have an Akita/Keeshond puppy who has already been spayed. However, she has a plush bone and a huge dog pillow that she consistantly humps. She doesn’t try to hump people or other dogs. She only tries humping her pillow mainly but also humps her medium and smaller plush/stuffed animals. I know it is a dominance thing, but she is spayed. Shouldn’t that be out of her system by now (she’s about 10 months old)?

Best answer:

Answer by tankstar1985
Its a show of dominence.

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Divisional Commander distributing prizes
dog pillows
Image by National Library of Scotland
A Divisional Commander of the Black Watch is distributing prizes at a sports day. The men are amassed in a large semi-circle opposite the Commander. Prizes would have been given out for the winners of, amongst other things, the pillow fight, the gas helmet race, the rifle grenade competition and collecting rings with a bayonet.

This photograph is only one in a series taken by John Warwick Brooke at the Black Watch sports day. Others included the Divisional Commander with the divisional pet (a dog known as ‘Rip’), a entertainment troupe known as the ‘Balmorals’ putting on a show, and local children competing in a race.

[Original reads: ‘BRITISH OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH FROM THE WESTERN FRONT. Black Watch hold sports whilst resting. The Divisional Commander distributing prizes.’]

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File photo. Image by: ALLISON JOYCE / REUTERS. An expansive bed with soft pillows, a flat-screen TV, a gym and chef-crafted meals – at New York's first luxury hotel for dogs, opening in a few weeks, nothing's too good for man's best friend. Save …
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Manchester Center, VT (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

Chandler 4 Corners, makers of hand-hooked wool pillows that often feature charming dogs, cozy cabins and speedy skiers, has expanded its patriotic line of pillows this election year. The group already includes a bumptious Republican elephant pillow, a dapper donkey pillow for the Democrats, along with great selection of red and blue star and flag pillows, rugs and accent furniture. This year, the company added a new beige star pillow that has recently caught on with voters who are tired of partisan wrangling.

We originally added this neutral variation on the star pillow for those urban sophisticates who love muted colors and steel coffee tables and the like. But weve been surprised by how many people have ordered it and said that they really like the starthe patriotic toneand they are pleased that this one wont spark a political argument over their home accents, said a bemused Henry Chandler, President of the company. Perfect for all those independent voters!

Carolyn Kelly, head of Customer Service, added that the red and blue star pillows are often bought in pairs so that people can adjust their decor depending on the political leanings of their visitors. We like to imagine real pillow fights taking place in homes that have both the donkey and elephant pillows! she said, laughing. So far, we havent heard of that happening.

All of the Chandler 4 Corners home accents political and nonmay be seen online at

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