The Benefits of Beefeaters All-Natural Rawhide Bones for Dogs

When dog owners buy their pets a bone, they may not realize that they are doing more than just providing treat. Rawhide bones provide numerous benefits, and an all-natural bone will guarantee the best possible treat from a health and wellness prospective.

It’s important to try out different shapes, sizes and flavors of bones, to discover the dog’s preference. Every dog deserves rawhide bones that have been made with quality, natural ingredients and without additives or preservatives.

Why is Rawhide Good for Dogs?

Rawhide comes from the inner layer of cow or pork hides. They are cleaned and cut or ground, and pressed into chewable dog treats in a variety of shapes, flavors and colors. Rawhide has a number of advantages that every owner should know about.
1.Chewing Instinct

For dogs, chewing is a natural instinct. Dogs deprived of an outlet for this instinctual behavior can become anxious or destructive. Rawhide bones are perfect chew-toys and can be fed from 6 week through to old age.
2.Dental Health

Chewing helps dogs maintain good dental health. Chewing will keep the dog’s jaw strong, the teeth clean and the breath fresher. Rawhide helps to remove plaque and tarter, preventing build-up that can become a health issue if left untreated.
3.Energetic Play or Quite Time

Rawhide is long lasting and perfect for any energy level.

Energetic puppies with amuse themselves for hours, while older dogs will enjoy the quiet time pleases of simply gnawing on the bone.

Rawhide is the perfect treat for a dog. It offers them an outlet for chewing, a toy for playing, and helps to maintain good dental health. When shopping for rawhide, look for products that have been made from all-natural ingredients that do not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. This guarantees that your dog is enjoying the real taste of pork or beef hide and their flavored cousins: rawhide bones with sweet potato, duck and chicken.

Beefeaters Bones: Quality Bones and Rawhide

Beefeaters sells high quality rawhide bones including Compressed Beefhide that is made from 100% natural strips, and never scraps. These are the perfect bones for preventing anxiety, or for the dog that simply loves to chew. Beefeaters offers a variety of beef and pork flavored rawhide. Find the best rawhide bone for your dog by visiting, beefeaters.


Providing a wide variety of nutritious, tasty dog treats is what Beefeaters® is all about. Shop online or visit our retailers for Beefeaters chicken dog treats, dog chews, dog bones, rawhide chews, natural chews and more natural flavor dog treats. For more information please visit

Give your dog bones (Industrial dog food & natural dog food)

Commercial dog food vs. Natural dog food. The Carnivore’s Dilemma (censored version 1)

Question by jj48bv25: Anybody have any ideas how to stop your dog from making urine spots in your yard?
I have a large dog and he is making dead, yellow looking urine spots all over one section of my sod yard. I have tried those dog bones you can buy that are supposed to stop the pee spots but they are getting rather expensive when he has to eat two a day to keep him from making the spots. Does anybody know of any other way to stop him from making these spots in a natural way other than the store bought bones and liquid treatment?? Please help, he is making my yard look like a yellow and green dalmation. LOL.

Best answer:

Answer by Brinlarr
walk him

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ZiwiPeak Natural DEER SHANK BONE Dog Chew 1 Pack

ZiwiPeak Natural DEER SHANK BONE Dog Chew 1 Pack

  • Dried deer shank bone wrapped in esophagus
  • New Zealand ranch-raised deer and beef
  • High protein, low-fat chew treat
  • Contains naturally occurring chondroitin (from beef esophagus)
  • Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums

From New Zealand’s free range deer. ZiwiPeak took a Venison shank bone full of nutrients and marrow, wrapped an esophagus over the top and then naturally air dried the bone. Dogs go crazy for them and it’s long lasting.

List Price: CDN$ 8.73


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Perfect Pet Chews is also now offering rodent rounds, antler burrs and economy antler dog chews. Rodent rounds are antler cross-sections that offer consumers a set of small pet antler chews and provide the animal with calcium and minerals. Antler burrs are the point where the antler attaches to the skull. These burrs are cross-sections much like the rodent rounds. However, these products are larger and intended for dogs. The economy chews are meant to provide consumers with an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive moose and elk antler dog chews.

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17 Responses to The Benefits of Beefeaters All-Natural Rawhide Bones for Dogs

  • Dave Krug says:

    Seeing this pisses me off. The pet industry is just as corrupt as any other industry (like the pharmaceutical industry for example). It’s a bunch of people selling crap but claiming it’s gold nuggets. And it’s hard to prove that it’s bad for the animal because the negative effects appear over the longer term. Just think if you fed your dog this crap and it lived to be 13yrs old how much older it would be if you fed your dog real, raw meat… maybe it could have lived to be 16 or 17. idk

  • bubblo1977 says:

    awesome video…thanks for putting this together..i’m going to share it with my friends..

  • sharky5921 says:

    3:48 subliminal meat messages will flash b4 u

  • EDog1o1 says:

    you microwave must have smelled horrible for a ever

  • Wtflolyay says:

    Damn! Look at all that crap in dog food! No wonder my Pug had seizures. ‘Til i switched to a Raw diet 😉 He’s now in perfect health and gaining muscle instead of squidge.

  • wsoema says:

    Awesome! Great work!

  • sohcahtoa1970 says:

    Thank you so much for making this decision so obvious and easy to make. My new puppy is *not* going to live on kibble. It’s just absurd. She’ll get actual food.

    I strive as a mother to feed my family wholesome, natural foods, why would I feed my dog the dog-food equivalent of Pop Tarts 3 times a day?

    Again, thank you.

  • lovethijs says:

    Great movie!
    It’s really disgusting what they put into commercial dogfoods.
    I’m glad that my dog’s now eat healthy raw diet!

  • wenchiang12 says:

    Great video!

  • mugz28sc says:

    Excellent video!! I love it

  • Mdodao says:

    I love it! people should get more educated about what they feed there dogs. also what they eat themselves by the way.. =D

  • alissaz3 says:

    I love how you show all the ingredients that go into commercial dog food. It is crazy how they will say REAL CHICKEN…and in small letters “flavor”. Great video to show how easy it is and how beautiful your dogs are as a result.

  • juncogirl3 says:

    You cant stop your dog from peeing and the nature of their urine will turn sod yellow. Sod is touchy stuff and burns easily. Eating those bones if just going to keep costing you money and won’t work. Take yur dog out on a leash first thing in the morning when urine is strongest, and walk him until he pees somewhere else. Also there are many sprays and mixes available from catalogs and nurseries that if you spray the area, the grass will come back. However, until you train him to stop peeing in the same place, the grass will stay yellow. Entice the dog to an area where you want him to pee and reward him for peeing in that place. Also, as soon as he pees in that particular area, go out and soak the spot thoroughly in water thereby diluting the urine. There is also a product called Outdoor No. You can spray this on the particularly bad places he chooses continually. The best bet though is to walk him and walk him away from your sod.

  • carlota says:

    You mean dalmatiAn… 🙂

    Gosh,… when you’re a pet owner (I am) you just have to put up with certain things. We get into trouble when we get a dog and want it to act like a person.

    I don’t have a fenced yard, so I take my dog on a leash and walk her on the driveway until we get to her designated spot where she may do WHATEVER she wants, including scratch around and dig. There has to be such an area. Only after she’s done her business, then we can go for a run or a long walk in the neighborhood without fearing she’ll squat somewhere unacceptable. Just in case I carry a plastic bag in my pocket.

    Where she goes just super-fertilizes the spot and a bright green tuft rises over the rest of the grass. When we keep the yard well-fertilized there is not such a drastic visual difference. But you are referring to dead, yellow spots that kill your grass? Having the ammonia so concentrated, I wonder if your dog drinks enough or has enough water available at all times.

  • theresa b says:

    Don’t let the dog do the toilet in sod yard. Put down some peper and it might take away his odour. Try taking him to a concrete place to dohis wee. It might be worth your while to life a little of your dog p.. grass and put it in various spots around where you walk the dog and that might work as he knows his own odour.

  • Liz says:

    take him to your neighbors yard? lol

  • Sharon F says:

    The urine is actually fertilizing the lawn. That’s why on a poor lawn that needs fertilizer, dog spots will be tall patches of green. On healthier lawns, the extra dose of super fertilizer is too much and it kills the grass. With a large dog, it’s a large quantity, no getting around that. The very best thing is to water down the area after he goes, to dilute it, kind of like ‘flushing’ after he goes too. I think you’re lucky if it’s mostly in one section, you could not ever fertilize that section. I have two dogs and pretty much quit fertilizing my fenced in back yard. I just do the front, dogs take care of the back naturally. I happen to have a rain barrel by a down spout, make it easy to grab a bucket of water to pour after they go – when I happen to see them. You can’t possibly keep up with it every time, but every time you can, it helps.

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