Pet Store Marketing: Copywriting

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This article is the third article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your pet store and make it a success.

Pet store marketing materials should take advantage of professional copywriting conventions to motivate prospects to take action. Try to incorporate pet-related language and be clever to get attention. Instead of saying you have the perfect pets for sale, try something like, “Get a best friend who never disappoints.”

Follow this four-step process to incredible copy that boosts your return on investment:

Four steps for writing winning copy

Craft an attention-getting headline – Postcard or catalog, website or flyer, your headline is what draws readers in to the rest of your copy. Headlines should make bold statements and address your audience’s desires, problems or fears. When possible, include your offer as part of your headline. A postcard aimed at single women in their mid-20s might say: “Tired of being stood up? Get a best friend who never disappoints. Receive six months of FREE grooming when you find your new buddy at PetStore today!”

Highlight your benefits – Amateur copywriters often include features in their sales pitches but neglect to include benefits. Features represent what you do or offer; while benefits explain how your features help your customers. For example, if your pet store provides all-in-one grooming services (feature), the benefit is that your customers only have to make one quick stop to pamper their pets.

Develop an incredible offer – A great offer spurs response. Approach your offer from your customers’ viewpoint. What would it take for you to act? If your offer isn’t valuable, then you won’t get much response; but if it is perceived to have great value to your customers, your response rate will shoot through the roof. Your offer could be a free item, a discount or something else entirely. Your offer should be time sensitive so your customers have to act fast.

Motivate with a call to action – What do you want your prospects to do once they’ve read your pitch? Define this in no uncertain terms and offer several response channels if possible (call a phone number, visit a website, visit a retail location, etc.).

Here’s an example of pet store postcard copy:

Tired of being stood up? Get a best friend who never disappoints. Receive six months of FREE grooming when you find your new buddy at PetStore today!

Loyalty… friendship… unconditional love. Wouldn’t it be great if every man possessed these qualities? While you’re looking for “The One,” experience the joy of companionship with a new puppy from PetStore. And if you choose your new puppy by June 1, you’ll also receive six months of FREE grooming services valued at $ 500!

Stop in at PetStore and visit our Pup Play Center, which lets you meet several puppies before choosing the perfect pup for you. We have many canine breeds, sizes and personalities just waiting to be loved and to love in return.

PetStore’s all-in-one grooming service pampers your pet so you can stay focused on your busy lifestyle. Our professional groomers are talented and fast, so you can simply drop your puppy off at any of our one-stop locations and pick her back up in an hour.

Stop in at any of our PetStore locations, call xxx-xxx-xxxx, or visit us online at today to take advantage of this incredible offer. Find a new best friend and save $ 500 when you act before June 1. Your perfect match is just around the corner – come to PetStore today!

Adding value

One excellent device for increasing the shelf life of your pet store promotions is to add value to them. Pet guide booklets, brochures, postcards, catalogs, and other marketing materials can be kept alive by adding value. Include coupons, helpful charts and graphs, tips, and other useful information in your marketing materials to make a lasting impression.

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Pet store marketing materials should take advantage of professional copywriting conventions to motivate prospects to take action. Try to incorporate pet-related language and be clever to get attention. Instead of saying you have the perfect pets for sale, try something like, “Get a best friend who never disappoints.”

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Pet store marketing materials should take advantage of professional copywriting conventions to motivate prospects to take action. Try to incorporate pet-related language and be clever to get attention. Instead of saying you have the perfect pets for sale, try something like, “Get a best friend who never disappoints.”

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Get ready for fuzzy cuteness and exotic creatures …. Me Sam and MisterNES swing by a pet shop in Japan and its almost as good as going to the zoo. Some good info on pet stores and pets in Japan here aside from the You Tuber antics at first. I wonder… were some of the animals for pets or for food???? Hmmmmmm. If you want a serious pet here get ready for some creative financing. All the pets range from the basic rodents to very exotic and rare reptiles and mammals. The range of services catering to pets has grown dramatically in recent years. Clothes for animals have been around for quite some time, but did you know that dogs can now relieve their stress with pet aromatherapy or a session in an oxygen capsule? Nowadays if you cannot bear the thought of leaving your pets at home when you are away, you can check them into a pet hotel; you can also take out a pet insurance policy in the unfortunate event that he/she falls ill. No doubt this trend is due to the increase in pet owners who consider their furry loved ones members of the family. The Pet Food Manufacturers Association of Japan reports that as of 2006 there were 12.09 million dogs and 12.46 million cats kept as pets in Japan, amounting to a total of 24.55 million critters. Seeing as how 10 years ago there were only 10.02 million dogs and 7.85 million cats, this represents a considerable rise. The reasons for this jump include increases in the numbers of married couples whose children have flown the nest
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A visit to a pet store makes you feel like you are in a zoo and if you don’t have pet in your home, it makes you sad and if you do, it makes you want more… LOL! Special thanks to pet store: FINS & CRITTERS, INC SHELBY, NC OFFERS A WIDE VARIETY OF PETS AND PET SUPPLIES Have a pet in your home. Love is ahead… Embrace. Your life will never be the same again! CU ALL ­čÖé Ruben
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Question by Nicolas C hates BSL: pet stores ?????????????????????????????
I know there are some good pet stores out there some where ive been to many but most are bad.Most of the pet stores ive been to are really bad and cruel there are some good ones but not many.In my opinion the only goo pet stores ive been to that take care of there animals is some reptile and fish you know if there are any good ones out there.
i dont want a pet im just asking this question i already have pets all rescued or bought from ruputable breeders

Best answer:

Answer by Rukia
I strongly suggest you visit a pound if you want a dog instead of a pet store because of the poor conditions and easily contagious diseases in pet stores when all the animals are together.

The best place you could visit if you want a dog or cat is a shelter. For other animals such as bunnies and guinea pigs or bird: the pet store is your only place (unfortunaly)

Give your answer to this question below!

Ohioans complain about puppies bought from the Internet, pet stores: Animals
Residents of Florida and Ohio have filed the most complaints with the Humane Society of the United States about puppies purchased from pet stores and the Internet, according to an analysis of nearly 2,500 complaints logged in 2007 through 2011. More …
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Petland Investigation: Pet Store Sells Puppy Mill Dogs

Take action: November 2008: An investigation by The HSUS reveals the country’s largest puppy-selling pet store chain markets puppy mill dogs to customers.
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A few pet stores products I can recommend:

SHOP 'N SAVE and Community Partners Fight Hunger with 'Lend a CAN
The program, which will benefit hungry people and pets, will be in SHOP 'N SAVE stores from Sept. 23-Oct. 13. During that time, select schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area will also participate in "Lend a CAN" by hosting food drives. Proceeds …
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    A majority of these animals looked a lot happier and healthier than any pets in pet stores here in the states that I’ve ever seen. Clean cages, bright eyes, active, healthy fur/plumage. Thumbs´╗┐ up to Japan. ­čÖé

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    (…)… I meant ‘die’, of course.. Please think, think, think! Because if not, you know, us being a cancer-species all over this planet, not much will get the´╗┐ chance to survive!…. And the pet trade as it is…… what can i say?? Horrific stuff that must end! PS. HELP THE WAY YOU CAN. Thanks. ­čÖé

  • zzzooozzzify says:

    People, please stop the domestication process. There are already too many species of domesticated animals, being old ones, like dogs; cats;horses; the farm ones (horrible)!!! And the neverending (more or less), new´╗┐ species of birds; fish; rodents; amphibians; reptiles; invertebrates – you name it – and of course their mutations and breeds that seem endless… Enough is enough, period!…. At least 70% of them are born just to dye! Yes, dogs & cats are still considered as “things” almost everywhe

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    LINK SHIRT!!!´╗┐

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    that pig´╗┐ in the cage!? so cruel! D:

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    Japanese´╗┐ eat horses

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    4:12 i got mind fucked i thought that fish was floating in mid air 0.o´╗┐

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    Japanese´╗┐ do not eat dogs or cats.

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    dogs YES
    cats YES
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    monkeys NO
    chinchillas´╗┐ NO
    Aww, that poor pig looks miserable ­čÖü

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    um, are´╗┐ you in a mall called “Morera” ?? Are you in Gifu???
    because this REALLY looks similar from the one I’ve been to!!!! XD

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    oh no…i´╗┐ hate stores like this

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    thank for watching. pets are great!´╗┐

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    thank you for your comment. that’s cute. i think pets need all´╗┐ the love can give.

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    i own 2 budgies and´╗┐ 2 fish

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    I love´╗┐ my pets

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    i am glad that so many of you are in love with pets.´╗┐ Many are outside, if you can afford, adopt a pet; cat or dog. this is a reply to anyone. and TheMotodude99, that’s ok. may be someday you will have one. my house is filled with 3 cats; 5 cages of zibra finches, 3 cages of love birds, and 1 hamster. After you bring them home, they become like your family. i will show you all some of them soon. with great respect, ruben

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    i dont have that many animals anymore´╗┐

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  • myanimalchannel2812 says:

    @CoastalCB im so so sorry : (´╗┐

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    awesome. i will one high´╗┐ def mostly birds and fishes in 1080p and perhaps most of you will even like it. keep it up! pets = love. ­čśÇ

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    I have 1 cat, 2 dogs, a 55 gallon fish tank with freshwater fish, 4 wild frogs, 1 wild toad, 1 tree frog, 1´╗┐ fire-bellied toad(we have two seperate tanks for the frogs and toads), and 1 corn snake.

  • k6yardotcom says:

    thx´╗┐ u all. went to the store and have another video to share. should come up soon. it’s recorded using a bit better camera. hope you all will like it. thanks again.

  • k6yardotcom says:

    thank´╗┐ you for your valuable comment

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    I like that´╗┐ pajama-fish ­čśÇ

  • mix359 says:

    I like that´╗┐ pajama fish ­čśÇ

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    I would recommend a pair´╗┐ of gerbils.

  • Megan7544 says:

    Petland does not tell there employees where they get these dogs, and if they don’t say what is required those people that are trying to pay for school, etc. loose their jobs. I am happy´╗┐ right now that wetlands in calgary, Alberta Canada aren’t selling puppies any longer, and are now working with the SPCA and other rescues for adoption days!
    (this is where the humane society brings in dogs for the day, so they can meet potential adoption homes) now there is the remaining animals.

  • tiemedown says:

    I worked at another petland and they´╗┐ lied to me and the other employees about puppy mills. We organized a walk out because of their obvious involvement. I think you worked at one of the few good ones who understood the law.

  • amanda blanchard says:

    i know someong who used to own a petland but they cared´╗┐ for there puppies i know i went there alot just not big enough cages but they got sold quick for there cuteness but they retired

  • campcoskuro says:

    this is why i’m sooooo happy my city’s pet stores no longer sell dogs or puppies! ­čśÇ it’s a step in the right direction but we still have a ways´╗┐ to go.

  • iamtotallynotacat says:

    don’t support any pet store that sells live animals. even well-bred puppies´╗┐ shouldn’t be in pet stores, htye should be in proper homes where they are treated as pets, NOT ‘stock’.

  • erinkwalsh says:

    I am a rescue volunteer, this is def NOT!!!!!!!!! what they deserve!!!!!! Local breeders, haaaaaaa!!!!! I have looked one up, he is notorious for´╗┐ having violations in his kennel. He is in Missouri, he just sells them to petland without the middleman.

  • diddleriddles says:

    Petsmart and Petco don’t sell puppies.´╗┐ They host local adoption centers on weekends who bring in cats or dogs to the store for the day but that is all. They don’t even sell live mice for snakes except frozen ones that are shipped in.

  • dms2046 says:

    The petland I work at doesn’t sell puppies. If we did, we have local breeders to contact. We help with “open adoptions” which is where we match people with dogs from our local dog pound. They are 100% rescue dogs and they´╗┐ never step foot in our store. We change all the bedding, food, and water in the letters twice daily and add health supplements to food for them to make sure they stay healthy…… Yeah, you can tell we don’t care about the pets.

  • Hammiefied808 says:


  • kazekureru says:

    i think, confronting them directly won’t be able to stop them. HSUS has to go undercover and obtain any proof from petland’s database or something (i kinda don’t care if it breaks the law! just take what needs to be as evidence and stop this). so that they can be brought to justice. calling them to stop selling puppies will not be considered by them because they need some “shock” not lecture. pleaseeee do something really big´╗┐ to really put this act to an enddd!! this is just sadd!

  • Rachel Wong says:

    My friend got a puppy from a pet store just a few days ago. I was shocked. I honestly told her that i hated her, because i´╗┐ knew where most dogs from pet stores come from. I was so mad! I mean, buying a puppy from a pet store is basically just meaning that you’re supporting puppy mills. -.-
    I, however, got my lovely German Shepard mix from the humane society. ­čÖé And I’m proud. I save one life. <3

  • peace4life111 says:

    I went to a pet shop at the west field mall and I asked if I can look at´╗┐ this puppy and the person said no he is sick and I was like then why is he for sale she said because its a puppy and we need to sell him but I think It is wrong to sell a sick puppy I feel so bad. ­čÖü

  • GlinGirl says:

    Disgraceful. Licensed Puppy Farms there should be no such thing. 800 dogs on one premises is madness. Its would be hard enough to provide sufficient care for 5 dogs, such as grooming, feeding exercise and regular´╗┐ visits to a vet, let alone 800. Overbreeding is the reason so many animals are left homeless. It is the same in the horse world over breeding has resulted in hundreds of thousands of horses being slaughtered yearly. The population cannot keep up with this mass production of animals.

  • LittleLulubee says:

    What’s the point of the USDA inspections if all they do is write a report?? Why is the USDA licensing these places? As soon as they find something wrong,´╗┐ they should SHUT IT DOWN!!!

  • PitterPatteringPets says:

    I HATE PetSmart. I hate all pet´╗┐ stores who sell puppies. Support all local proper pet stores.

  • TheDestane says:

    I am doing that tomorrow…´╗┐ I swear on it >:(

  • reidspencer says:

    this is why u dont buy a puppies from´╗┐ a pet store

  • 922willbutler says:

    You should look into adopting or rescuing a dog! You can sometimes find purebred puppies taken from puppy mills that are put up for adoption through rescue groups. That way you’re giving a mistreated animal who had´╗┐ no say in where it was born a loving home, and the owners of the puppy mill didn’t make a profit off of you.

  • katlyn6090 says:

    Has anyone noticed whenever they´╗┐ go in those rooms with the dogs their really nippy

  • mlapoint05850 says:

    this is so mean i will never go´╗┐ to petland

  • gallianomom2001 says:

    The petstore that was near where I used to live took good care of their animals. I only objected when the new owner got into puppies and kittens. I told them they were puppy mills…they said they weren’t. Of course they were lying. Otherwise though, they took good care of the reptiles, birds and rodents in there.

  • Rose B says:

    pets at home

  • AP says:

    The bigger chains such as petsmart and petco are pretty good because they are monitored. You also have to think that fish and reptiles don’t act up or really smell so they can give the allusion that they are a better bet store.

  • angelicat says:

    Actually the bigger chains are WORSE. Those companies are all about sell sell sell and the animals come from really horrible conditions.

    You are right, most pet shops are bad. There are two good ones I know of in my city. You find reptile and fish stores are better because they are specialised and have more knowledge about the animals. When it comes to buying animals, its best to find a decent breeder or a rescue, there are plenty reputable breeders about and you can find almost any common domestic pet in a rescue, including pedigrees. When it comes to pet supplies I find it best to buy online (its cheaper anyway) or buy from stores that dont actually sell pets, so you are not contributing to their cruelty.

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