Pet Fashion Design Trends – The Latest Styles For the Fashion Forward Dog

People love their dogs like family (and some people love their dogs more than family), so it’s not surprising that they love spoiling their furry friends with the latest dog fashions. With top international designers and fashion school students alike trying their hand at designing for the four-legged market, there has never been more style and selection for the haute dog. In years past, dog clothing was typically frou-frou, cutesy, and costume-like, but the pendulum is now swinging the other way. Dog fashion today has become more casual, comfortable, and contemporary, as the following trends show.

Rock and roll. Inspired by both punk and grunge, rock and roll dog fashion is here to stay. In pet boutiques, you’ll find an array of sweaters, jackets and collars with skull and crossbones, flames and iron crosses emblazoned on them. There are even embellishments like zippers and metal studs to add to the rebel appeal. These are the complete opposite of the girly tutus and tiaras that dominated the pet fashion industry for so long.

Denim. Just as denim is in every person’s closet, it has also become a fashion essential for canines. Because denim is so durable and comfortable, it is one of the most popular fabrics for pets. In shades from cream to deep indigo, denim shows its versatility this season in casual mode as a pair of doggie dungarees, or dressed up as a jean jacket lined with fleece or faux fur.

Hoodies. Another example of pet attire that mirrors people fashion is hoodies. In the past few years, hoodies have become more popular than ever among all age groups, so it makes sense that hoodies are now a hot fashion design trend for dogs. And just as for people, they come in styles as varied as velour tracksuits to windbreakers.

Graphic T-shirts. T-shirts have always been popular for dogs, but instead of shirts that have cute sayings or puns, the trend now is for graphic tees silkscreened with images that will be conversation starters at the dog park, like anime characters, vintage prints, and papercut art. You’ll also find these tees made with organic cotton, for the eco-friendly pooch.

Scarves and ties. These accessories are popular in pet boutiques because they’re more affordable than an entire outfit. Dogs who don’t like to wear clothes are more amenable to wearing something around their necks. And like other dog fashions, these scarves and ties look just like what people would wear. The scarves range from lambswool scarves to faux mink stoles; and the latest neckties don’t just clip on – they’re incorporated with a collar so look they hand-tied.

Whether you’re interested in creating the next hot clothing trend for pets or their human counterparts, a career in fashion design could be for you. Visit FIDM, fashion school for more info.

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Ada Nieves is a renowned pet fashion designer certified by the Fashion Institue of Technology, gourmet treat baker and successful pawty planner. She and her four professional pet actor chihuahuas have appeared on many national and international TV shows, including several on Animal Planet, BBC London, Canida Oscar/Italy TV, Woef/Dutch Puppy TV, Pet Dish/MSN, Puppy Weddings/WE TV, Sabado Gigante/Univision , Mike & Juliet Show, The Martha Stewart Show and Conan O’Brien late night show to name a few. Ada is described in the book One Nation Under Dog by Michael Schaffer as ” The Queen of Pet Networking” and a “Connector” and runs the largest chihuahua Meet-Up group in the nation. She also hosts the Pet Life Radio talk show, Vida Doggie, writes for the NY SMALL DOG SCENE for the New York Examiner, is the new correspondant for Fido Friendly Magazine’s “Social Pet” Column, and president of My Dog Walks. She is very active in the pet community and has participated in events such as Fashion Show for the New England Grooming Expo, Sizoo Barcelona 2005, ABC’s Canine Couture and NYC Canine Cruise. For the last five years, Ada has been the dog fashion designer for the Pre-Westminster Fashion show. She gained international recognition by designing doggie replicas of dresses worn by famous actresses like Penelope Cruz & Kate Winslet on the Red Carpet for the 2005 Oscars. A native Puerto Rican, strong advocate and active Latina, Ada is breaking ground in the world dog community. She is

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