Pet Carriers Can Save Your Pet and Your Day

Why does the average pet parent need a pet carrier?

I will list just a few here. The first reason that comes to mind is a video I have seen about an animal shelter worker trying to control a mature cat, without a pet carrier, that got spooked and freaked out.

You do need a dog carrier if you have a cat that travels with you or just to go to the vet office from time to time. But, you already knew that, right.

You do not want your pet moving around the car while you are driving. Of course they want to be in your lap and help drive. This is very dangerous for you, your pet and other drivers.

Pet carriers are an ideal option for traveling with cats and small dogs because they act not only as a form of protection, but also can provide a reassuring space for the pet within the vehicle, train or airplane. All pets are more relaxed in their own safe and secure den which the pet carrier provides. When you arrive at your destination you will have a happier and relaxed pet. So consider your pet and get yourself a pet carrier.

Note: Please-remember your pet on hot days. Do not leave them in the car inside or outside their carrier.

Pet Carriers have become a popular item partially due to the constant scenes on the news, in magazines and tabloids of Hollywood stars carrying their pets in some sort of fancy and stylish carrier on their arm while conducting their daily business, entertainment or otherwise.

Not all pet carriers are created equal so do your homework.

Soft sided and hard sided carriers specifically designed as pet carriers are acceptable for most activities. Prices on pet carriers will vary widely depending upon the size, material and quality of the pet carrier. These can range in price from $ 30 up to hundreds of dollars for designer pet carriers.

Carriers are attached to the seat belt and headrests of most vehicles, and are entirely enclosed, apart from mesh windows that allow for ventilation and for the animal to look around.

My favorite carriers are those produced for the average pet parent wanting to carry their pet without busting the budget. These carriers buckle into the seat belt in the vehicle. Once unbuckled the carrier functions as a safe and portable environment for the pet.

Some carriers are now doubling as a handbag as well as a dog carriers. These are typically not the secure type carrier.

There is one model of carrier I like very much. It comes in two pieces. One piece is the actual carrier. The other piece is the carrier base. This base is secured in the car seat belt and stays in the car. When you are ready to go you simply snap the carrier into the base just as you would a baby car seat. It is actually easier than a car seat.

Most carriers are designed for small dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and other reasonably tame small animals. Many manufacturers say that their carrier will handle a 15 lb pet and, this may be technically true. The question is do you really want to walk around a shopping center or a street fair toting a 15 pound dog in a dog carrier.

Most dog carriers work best for the smaller breeds.

Some carriers have wheels just like your small suitcase you pull behind you as you walk through the airport or the shopping mall. These can be very handy.

If you are a frequent flyer or think you might ever need to take your pet on a plane I suggest you check the airlines you may be traveling on for their requirements for pets. Many manufacturers say their dog carriers are airline approved however I find it hard to believe that all these manufacturers are keeping up with the regulations for all airlines. Get the dimensions then check your favorite couple of airlines for their requirements.

Depending upon airline pet policies, pet carriers may be allowed in the cabin of the aircraft as long as they can be stored under the seat but again, check with your airline first.

You can easily see that for owners who like to keep their pampered pets near them wherever they go, pet carriers are the perfect solution.

Bill Beavers offers an excellent resource for transport and containment items for your pet at such as Dog Crates, Heavy Duty Dog Crates, Pet Carriers, Pet Strollers and much more to improve quality of life for you, your family and your pets.

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Question by change89: What can I use instead of a pet carrier?
I don’t have a pet carrier and don’t have enough money right now to get one. But I need to put my 3 month old kitten somewhere when I’m at work so she doesn’t get into things and get hurt. What can I use instead of a pet carrier that won’t hurt her and that she can be comfortable in?
Just because I don’t have a pet carrier doesn’t mean she isn’t being provided with the proper living conditions my house is perfectly fine for a cat I just don’t currently have a carrier.

Best answer:

Answer by Jessii 😉
a very large box? just be careful so that air can get in or that it doesn’t have a top that can shut on her head if she tries jumping out. you should really invest in a carrier.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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5 Responses to Pet Carriers Can Save Your Pet and Your Day

  • Dave English says:

    If you are not able to give an animal a proper environment you shouldn”t have one.

  • Kara Spain says:

    Just designate a safe room with no harmful objects inside. make sure she has food water a litterbox a bed and toys

  • Valerie A says:

    Hi, please dont lock up your kitten. Pet proof a room she can stay in with a litter box, food and water.Like you would for a baby. Consider she will need to be spayed soon or she will drive you and herself crazy with yelling , maybe peeing all over the house as cats in heat do. ,escaping and getting killed outside or pregnant and producing kittens no one wants.Mating is not candlelight and roses for a female cat. It is gang rape. Tom cats often cause bite wounds which infect and need $ $ $ $ treatment at the vets. Cats need everything we do. Good food, medical care if they are sick.. etc.. all cost money. Look for low cost spay and neuter programs in ur area. If you cannot even afford a cat carrier.. (and please dont use one to imprison her) re think what is the best for your kitty and find her a home with caring friends or relatives who can afford to give her what she needs. Or find a NO KILL cat shelter that will find her a good home. take care and good luck. PS and think … one guy locked his kitten in a carrier. had a car accident and got put in the hospital. The cat was forgotten for 4 days. in all the excitement. Finally one of his friends. a friend of my son in law, realized and got into his apartment and found the cat. It had no food or water and was dying. The vet saved it with IV fluids and medicine … just something to keep in mind….

  • kittyslave23 says:

    Contact your local animal shelter. Sometimes they have extra pet carriers that you may borrow on a temporary basis.

    Me… kittyslave23… I know my place.

  • Café Mocha Valencia says:

    Kittens don’t need to be kept in carriers during the day and it’s cruel to do so. The real reason you wanted a carrier is to hide it from your mother, right? You stated in another post that your mom is making you get rid of this kitten since you took it from a friend without asking her for one.

    You had no business getting this kitten and pretty sure this immature act is going to prevent your mother from EVER getting you a pet. Nice job.

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