The Benefits of Beefeaters All-Natural Rawhide Bones for Dogs

When dog owners buy their pets a bone, they may not realize that they are doing more than just providing treat. Rawhide bones provide numerous benefits, and an all-natural bone will guarantee the best possible treat from a health and… Continue reading

Harley Davidson Stuff

When you speak of Harley Davidson, most individuals will know precisely who you might be speaking about because it is, in fact, probably the most well-known manufacturers in the world. Harley Davidson have been known for their commitment to detail… Continue reading

Merrick Dog Food

As respect to the Dog Food Quality Scale, Merrick dog food has been at the top of the list. It could be pretty simple and easy to mix up the different brand of Merrick dog food. This dog food is… Continue reading

Pillow Pets Toys

There’s a new item made just for young children and they are named Pillow Pets. These plush pillows are a mixture of a pillow and a cute stuffed animal. They come in a number of different designs so that each… Continue reading

Dog Bones – The Benefits of Giving Your Dog a Bone

The issue of whether or not it is okay to feed your dog a bone is divisive. There are people on both sides of the issue and each side will not hesitate to explain why they do or do… Continue reading

Dogs’ clothing

My doggies are four lovely little babies that are hairless,  Chinese Cresteds,  so they feel too hot in the summer and can get sun burnt if not careful, and too cold in… Continue reading

Bone Cancer in Dogs

Canine osteosarcoma is a kind of bone cancer in dogs. While any bone can have a malignant tumor growth, the areas that are commonly affected by it are:

* Above the knee joint or at the lower part of the… Continue reading

Calgary Pet Stores

For the best in Calgary Pet Stores plan to stop by Pisces Pet Emporium.

If you love pets then you will definitely want to plan a trip to Pisces Pet Emporium, this year’s winner of… Continue reading

Pet Carriers Tips

Pet are not like the ordinary animals. Those who keep pet at home, they consider these pet as the part of their family and take care of these pet like their children. They make sure that they have all the… Continue reading

Interior Decorating Trends Geared Toward Pets – 4 Design Concepts

When planning to redesign your living space, it’s not just about making it a comfortable place for yourself, your friends, and your family. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) touts that 63 percent of all U.S. households that own… Continue reading