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You no longer have to take the time to travel over to your local pet store to purchase your supplies for your dog, cat or even for your exotic pets. You can now purchase all your supplies on the internet and have them delivered to your home. Some of the major players in the online pet store supplies business are Petsmart, PetCareCentral and Only Natural Pet Store.

It’s a good idea to shop around for the best deals before you make your purchases. Some websites will consistently have the best prices on certain items however, surfing the internet can provide you with the occasional great deal. Some stores specialize in exotic animals and supplies while some online pet stores specialize in toys for your pets or pet furniture.


The larger online pet stores will typically have better prices than the retail stores in your area but sometimes when you add the cost of shipping and handling the local pet store might actually be less expensive. Choose an online pet store that offers free shipping for large orders and then by in bulk so you meet their spending requirements. For those pet owners that can’t easily travel to the local pet store or are to busy the online stores provide a great service.

Mailing List

A quality online pet store will typically allow you to return items that you don’t want to keep so make sure you read the return policy at the website before you make expensive purchases.

Check out the security and privacy statements at the online store to make sure your transactions will be protected. Check to see if they mention satisfaction guaranteed and select an online pet store that is simple to navigate.

Some of the online stores will ask if you want to be placed on their mailing list in order to receive emails concerning great deals. Some of the emails you will receive will be useless; however, you might occasionally be sent a special offer that will provide you with a good bargain.

If you are purchasing pet food, check the dates on the food items to make sure they are not selling old food items that cannot be sold at retail stores. Make sure they won’t sell or distribute your email address to other websites since you probably don’t want emails coming to your email box suggesting you purchase a chinchilla or buy pet food specially designed for a hedgehog. An online pet store offers convenience for shoppers as well as low prices.

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Question by Bryson: Does anybody know of any cheap online pet stores carrying fish supplies?
I am trying to start a 10 gallon aquarium, but main pet stores like petsmart are really expensive, anybody know any cheap online pet stores?

P.S. No craigslist or freecycle ads in my area for aquariums.

Best answer:

Answer by Rachie
Ebay or Amazon

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Who’s Peeking at You? In the Pet Store

Who's Peeking at You? In the Pet Store

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A few pet stores online products I can recommend:

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2 Responses to Online Pet Stores – Great Tips

  • John B says:

    I have been ordering from Petco. Their on-line prices are much cheaper than at the stores. Get a pet’s card and save more. Every 100 you spend you get 5 in coupon. Also if you shop around Drs. Foster and smith are good. Amazon too is good. Best to shop around but some sites have free shipping at $ 49.

    Note! Petco has aquarium sets for 40% off this month. It’s a lot cheaper than buying things individually. ******

  • ᴛʏʟᴇʀ Ω says:

    There are really cheap bundles available at Petsmart and Petco! Check your local Walmart as well, because I have seen some great deals there! Look through the isles with all the tanks because there are usually cheap bundles that are about thirty dollars for a tank, hood, and filter! Check the websites of Petsmart and Petco since sometimes things are cheaper online (especially with Petco). Best of luck!

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