Ideas For Puppy Beds

Puppy beds can either be for temporary use, or more or less a permanent fixture. It depends somewhat on when you get the puppy, to some extend the breed, or at least the size of the dog, and to some degree what you had in mind to begin with. Obviously the first consideration needs to be something the puppy will willingly accept. After that, warmth, comfort, and even a sense of security, become part of the picture.

Some dogs don’t mind laying on a hard surface, as long as it’s not too cold. Others prefer a blanket or rag, or at least carpeting. Most dogs however seem to like to have their very own bed, a place that is theirs and theirs alone. Puppies in particular seem to like something they can snuggle in, and therefore feel warm and safe. A basket is often the most popular choice, although there are other options as far as puppy beds are concerned.

First of all, investing in a basket, or any kind of expensive bed, probably is not a good idea until the puppy has been housebroken. Using a crate is definitely not a good idea. Once a puppy reaches its 7th week, about the time it will be weaned, it has taught itself to urinate and defecate in a place a little ways away from where it eats or sleeps. If you start using a crate as a puppy bed, the puppy will often have no choice but to urinate inside the crate, at least until it has learned to hold it. With a crate as a bed, you will for some time be having to replace wet cloth or paper with something dry.

Many will keep there puppy in a very large cardboard box for a time, something too high for the puppy to crawl out of. This is generally a good idea, until the puppy eventually learns that chewing on the box is not only fun, but a possible means to escape. You can place a cloth or blanket at one side of the box, and some newspaper or a puppy pad at the opposite side. In the meantime, you should be teaching the puppy to go on the newspaper, but generally it will tend to do this rather than soil its own bedding. A blanket inside a small pen will also work of course.

At some point you’re ready to choose a permanent bed for the puppy. Here is where size and breed enter the picture. Most small dogs really like having a basket, with a nice dog pillow to sleep on. Puppies and smaller breed dogs tend to like to snuggle up against the side of a basket, which is not only comfortable but gives them a sense of security. Larger breeds can take to a basket as well, but of course it needs to be a large basket. Large dogs tend to like to stretch out when they sleep. If you purchase a medium sized basket for your Lab or German Shepherd puppy, you’ll probably find yourself shopping for something much larger in a few months time. A nice pad or dog pillow, a couple of inches thick, and with 6 feet or so of surface area, will often be an ideal bed for a larger dog, and may also do the job when the dog is still a fairly small puppy.

In selecting a pillow or pad for the puppy bed, a fleece or suede material would work best for a short-haired breed, while cotton or canvas would probably be more appropriate for a long-haired breed. Something that has a removable, machine-washable cover is definitely a plus.

Where should puppy beds be placed? If the puppy can get out (and has been house trained), a kitchen or bathroom would seem to be ideal locations, as both usually are warm during the night, and both usually have washable floors, which is nice in the event of an accident. There are plenty of dog beds and puppy beds on the market. Taking into account the age of the puppy (better yet, the stage of its development) and the size it is expected to grow to, will give you a pretty good idea of what to look for.

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Our puppy when she was about 8 weeks old.

Question by KalKatz: What time should a puppy go to bed?
Is 8:30 pm too early?? We put my puppy to bed at around 8:30 – 9:00 pm. Sometimes she complains, but after about 30-45 min of play, she is tired and goes down pretty quickly. She doesn’t make noise during the night, but does wake up sometimes before the sun rises. If she is kept up later, would she also sleep later, or is this all normal for pups?

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Answer by D-Mad
dogs don’t sleep like most humans do
they just sleep whenever their tired and they don’t sleep as much as us
they can sleep throughout the day if they want
theirs no difference for them

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  • vampirefoxxgirl says:

    Can i keep her??? Huh? HUh? Huh? Huh? … Just kidding. I have a lot of pets. Even bunnies. I’ll pet mine on youtube. 😀

  • 36shima36 says:

    What kind of breed is your dog?

  • Gymgirl101100 says:

    can I have her????????

  • luisperez86 says:

    LOL! nice…

  • bookitty914 says:

    that is the cutest puppy i have a lhasa,he looked just like lee,lee when he was little now he is 10,and i love him to death…

  • demolition000 says:


  • frenchkitty says:

    i have a 14 year old lhasa apso, i made some videos of him if you all want to see him, he does the same thing as leelee in his bed, they are so cute.

  • flaethiS2 says:

    Ohhhhhhhh so cute cute!!! I loved

  • Mark Castro says:

    I love Lhasa Apsos too!! After all of these months since I seen these videos of Leelee on Youtube, I STILL often watch them to this day.

  • Nina says:

    This is normal for puppies to sleep when they are tired. They don’t have a specific time that they should go to sleep, they will probably nap several times during the day just like a baby.

  • appygirl says:

    i’ve always put mine to bed with me. when younger she would wake up but go back down when i told her i couldn’t get up yet. i have to be hooked to a machine for 9 hours. now she’s older i’m usually off when she gets up.

  • moof says:

    of course, it makes sense, doesn’t it? go to bed earlier, get up earlier, go to bed later, get up later. that’s common sense.

    whatever time you put her to bed depends on your schedule. for some people, it’s convenient to put the dog in its crate around 8:00, and for others, 10:00 is more convenient.
    it also depends on when you want the dog to get up in the morning. if you don’t mind taking it out very early, then put it to bed early. but if you’d like to get up later, put it to bed later.
    if you want to go to bed early and get up late, you’ll have to get up to let it out before putting it back in.

  • rescue member says:

    Puppies sleep on and off all day and night – and it is asking a lot to expect a puppy to hold it all night.
    Your puppy needs to go potty during the night, so get her out at least once.

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