How to Choose a Motorcycle Pet Carrier

Article by Chris Robertson

When choosing a motorcycle pet carrier, safety and practicality should be your main concerns. Keeping your pet safe is more important than having a fancy or stylish pet carrier. So what type of pet carrier should you choose when taking your cat or dog along for a motorcycle ride? Here are some key features that every motorcycle pet carrier or pet crate should have.

Durable and Protective

Probably the safest motorcycle pet carrier on the market is a pet crate made of hard, durable plastic. Some are even reinforced with lightweight aluminum for added strength. Pet crates made with an aerodynamic shape with these durable materials from top to bottom provide roll-cage like protection if an accident were to occur. Other types of pet carriers such as motorcycle pet bags, chest pouch carriers, and pet carrier tank pads, are not as safe because they expose the dog or cat, driver, and passenger to potential dangers and distractions.

Must-Have Safety Features

A motorcycle dog carrier or cat carrier should have certain safety features for everyone’s protection. Its cage door should be secure at all times with no chance of the door flying open while riding over bumps or on curves. Your pet should not be able to open the door from the inside. The interior of the pet crate should be free of any hazardous protrusions. It should not have screws or other objects protruding outward (on the interior) that could harm the pet during a quick stop or turn.

The bottom of the pet crate should be leak-free and have an absorbent material in the bottom (just in case). Also, be sure the motorcycle pet carrier can be securely mounted to your motorcycle. Some pet carriers come with special mounting made for that particular carrier to maximize safety.

Proper Ventilation

Any motorcycle dog carrier or other type of carrier should have proper ventilation. Be sure an opening is available just large enough for your dog to stick his head out and enjoy the breeze! Some pet crates have removable side rails that enable you to remove and replace them as needed on the trip.

Enough Space for Comfort

Make sure the pet carrier provides adequate space for your pet’s comfort while traveling. Your dog or cat should be able to move freely within the pet crate. They should be able to lie down, stand, and turn around with ease. Many pet crates come in various sizes so you can easily find the perfect fit for your pet.

Other features you might look for include a leash attachment, handles or grips for easy carrying by hand, and versatility. Versatility means the carrier can be easily converted into a scooter dog carrier, a hand-held carrier, or a bicycle pet carrier. This will save you money in the long run.

A motorcycle pet carrier with these mind-easing safety features will likely cost a little more than many other carriers, but you might save your pet’s life by spending just a little more. Pet travel can be fun once you find a motorcycle pet carrier you can trust!

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Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies.
For tips/information, click here: motorcycle pet carrier
Visit Majon’s Pets and Supplies directory.

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Question by Jesus: How picky are airlines about the size of pet carriers for traveling with pets in cabin?
We’ll be traveling internationally with Continental and Lufthansa. Both airlines have different size requirements for pet carriers–we have two mini dachshunds. Lufthansa requires 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.9 inches. Continental is 18 x 11 x 11 inches. Are they going to get out tape measures at the ticket counter? If we’re an inch or two over will it be OK? It’s impossible to to find pet carriers that are exactly the dimensions required. All tips about particular pet carriers or flying with pets would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Herfnerd
They will be very particular because the carriers must fit under the seat in front of you – two inches over the limit will cause you a problem

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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  • 1997c4s says:

    These SturdiBags are great for traveling. I used one on a plane before and really like it.

  • wchs1970 says:

    The dimensions are the maximum sizes, so just have a carrier that is smaller than the smallest one stated and you will be fine.
    And yes, as the other poster stated, the carrier must fit ALL THE WAY under the seat, and if it doesn’t you will be require to deplane and purchase a suitable carrier from the gate agent.

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