How To Bake A Dog A Bone?

How to feed your dogs with simple and cheaper foods? We all know that these kinds of foods are healthier than feeding them with high quality type of dog food. Mostly, people fed their pets with inexpensive crap or cooked organic food for their dogs. But one thing they don’t know, these organic foods are not that good for our pets.

Choose a bite size of dog bone to avoid choking your pets, tiny enough for your pet to get with his molars.

Select dog bones which are made of digestible stuffs if your pet likes to chew his food into pieces. Be mindful of where your animal will eat his food. If he is eating inside your car or house, be sure that the dog bone will not tarnish your fabric or carpet.

Cooked bones cut by butcher can crack and be basis of severe problems in your dog intestines. Typically, chicken bones are very harmful. How to cook dog bones? This dog bones should be boiled for more than 10 minutes before serving it to your dogs. To cook it, let the butcher sliced first the soup bones to make it handier. You can add veggies to your soup bones and put it inside the soup ingredients. Cook your bones a little longer because they are a lot denser and make a flavorful broth.

Cooked soup bones are cheaper ways to provide your dog nutritional dog foods. Bone marrow which are extracted from soup bones are very nutritious and savory; this is one way on how to cook a dog bone. Give it to your animal as an indulgence, and include it to your dog food to increase its taste. The soft texture of marrow is mixed well with added foods, tempting even the choosy eaters to consume meals. This is the way to bake a dog a bone. Are You thinking of making the switch from Commercial pet food to RAW FEEDING but don’t know where to start? Meet Annie and Lilly, two rescue dogs that have converted to Raw Meaty Bones and are thriving on the new diet. The GOING RARW guide is the best guide on the market to show you how to make the switch safely and is available to download at
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Hayden’s whole hand enters Duke’s mouth when he gives the “horsey” a treat. Duke is the best dog in the world with kids and Hayden sure puts him to the test bouncing off of him and pulling his tail. Duke just nudges him over and walks off. As for Jessica and Ryan…gota love em.
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Question by ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ The Champ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌: Is it ok to give your dog cooked chicken bones?
I have given my dog chicken bones for about 5 years and he has never choked on one. Should i continue giving him chicken bones.

Best answer:

Answer by marysunshine
Never give a dog cooked chicken bones!

Chicken bones are very sharp when they are chewed up or broken. They can pierce your dogs throat, stomach, intestines or bowels. This can cause your dog to bleed internally and cause anemia or cause a blockage. But more than likely a bone will rip through your dogs intestine and you won’t know it until it’s too late. And yes he will die.

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Fort Worth dog rescue offers reward for information on dog poisonings
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My 10 week old male Doberman puppy Brutus eating a large chunk of raw chicken (bones included). I have him on a completely raw diet and began it roughly a week ago when he was 9 weeks. The BARF diet stands for Bone And Raw Food and is similar to what I am doing. Look into it, if you have the time and wherewithal it is definitely worth it.

A few dog chicken bones products I can recommend:

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44 Responses to How To Bake A Dog A Bone?

  • John Jugalaks says:

    Is Little Lily a cross between a hamster and a rat?

  • rdayt003 says:

    Although it is hard to get used to, because of very long time of humans cooking with fire

  • rdayt003 says:

    Humans can eat raw meat too (little lat

  • rdayt003 says:

    You can freeze the meat prior, will kill off some backta

  • AdrianReneAlgiene says:

    sub titles and music need to go

  • onlyweknow2 says:


  • Jacob Stallings says:

    I run a raw-feeding helpline. Give me a call if you need any information on raw-feeding! Please do not hesitate! 865-242-2267

  • melanialasagna says:


  • lilgiant12345 says:

    What kind of dog is hat?

  • CaseyCasem760 says:

    The reference is to cooked chicken bones. Raw chicken bones are completely different. I feed my dogs a strict raw diet but use Honest Kitchen to provide all the stuff you lose with processed food. Unless you have access to real game with the organs intact, it is hard to do a raw diet alone… at least where I live. Plus, my dogs probably wouldn’t know what to do with a chicken carcass. They catch them in the wild but never eat them.

  • LaSantaMuerte says:

    No, that is a myth. Dogs have been eating raw meat ever since they set foot on this earth. I feed my pitbull raw meat and he’s thriving, not just merely ‘surviving’ (like he would of been if I were to feed him kibble).

  • snipperacoustics says:

    Doesn’t raw meet make the dogs more aggressive?

  • llbb010 says:

    I love giving my dog raw bones but I never
    give her chicken. Doesn’t chicken splinter inside the dog’s mouth and hurt the dog? That is just what I’ve heard.

  • dandri65 says:

    I agree I feed my pet with dried food but every time when my mother cooks something he gets some raw food with bones,and boy he loves it 😀

  • evade6317 says:

    For the dog that won’t eat it, exercise it and then fast it for a day. That helped my dog.

    For the puker, try freezing the meals. It will force the dog to work harder at the food and make it chew it up more.

  • newworldorderly says:

    I’ve tried to feed my dogs raw chicken. One of them won’t touch it. The other eats it like crazy but pukes it all out a couple of hours later.

  • jupiter22177 says:

    Annie is beautiful….you are lucky they love chicken. i have an 11 month old rotweiller and he won’t eat chicken. I give him a whole quarter and he takes over, lays it down and never eats it. He does eat beef and lamb. i just wish he would the chicken. my cats eat the chicken though.

  • HALO6005 says:

    how many times do u feed them a dayy?

  • Jacob Stallings says:

    24 hour raw feeding helpline. Don’t hesitate to call anytime for all information regarding raw feeding. 865-242-2267
    It’s a totally free service.

  • asianrose87 says:

    I too feed my dogs this way and her teeth are almost completely white because of it (this way of feeding). This diet is a TRUE canine dental and canine diet miracle. I am so happy to have switched my Pug off commercialized, processed, cooked grain dog food and onto a Prey Model Raw/Raw Meaty Bones diet.

  • tyhhxsw says:

    I great thank you

  • knockerccd says:

    That was cute. I gotta say Leroy it seems a lot of people are hateful towards you. These kids that post crude things on your vids will reap what they sow. Then they’ll grow up and learns how it feels to be treated crudely. Till then just keep on keepin on. 😀

  • Hellowiththepudding says:


  • memphisjessi says:

    ummm…..Trimvid …..keep Hayden and Duke “I love you” cut the rest…

  • MrDrawson says:


  • arizonakia says:

    Question! Doberman Puppy or American Pitbull (Not the fat Bully kind) ?

  • 877soilnow says:

    1. Brutus’ father is Nitrous Von Kimbertal, a Euro champ. Nitrous’ father is a Euro world champ.

    3. He tends to move his food. Especially with larger items like chicken leg quarters, he will eat them where he likes.

    4. Humans are circumsized an animals ears being cropped can’t be more traumatic than that.

  • LOKISlog7 says:

    1. Beautiful Pup. Does he have Euro lineage?
    2. Wonderful video; Our current Doberman is on the BARF diet; out of the 6 that we have owned this one is the healthiest by far. I will never feed any other diet than raw with our future dogs.
    3. Q- why feed on the floor instead of a food dish?
    4. It is so refreshing to see a Doberman video on YT where the dog has been responsibly Cropped and Docked without the usual whining and protestations from peta, tree-hugger element, anti- Cnd loons. Cheers

  • 877soilnow says:

    Cooked chicken bones are. My dog has eaten countless chicken bones with zero issues.

  • keepitupbro says:

    cooked bones are the dangerous problem ones. they can splinter and that’s how they become sharp. otherwise, they aren’t generally a big deal!

  • lDopiie says:


  • xXdeathCrystalXx says:

    dang hes gonna be huuuge! look at the size of those paws! amazing dog, absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  • hunter figueroa says:


  • cosminpanait says:

    CHICKEN BONES are DANGEROUS for dogs because they’re narrow and sharp and can puncture their stomach !

    Multiple Vets have told me this !

  • PewpewFighter says:

    Must have to clean those floors often!

  • SexyKRock81 says:

    I too first heard of raw through leerburg while doing a lot of research before I rescue a dobe. A lot of great materials about feeding, training, theories, products on leerburg, foodadvisor, petfoodproject, dobermantalk forum, and gentledoberman. If you want a dobe or any dog, you should look at these sites and research raw, diet/nutrition, training, obedience, vaccinosis and check amazon for good diet and dog books

  • 877soilnow says:

    It is good for dogs but it is not something you just can “try.” It is a long term decision. Before you try anything you need to do adequate research and determine if it is a commitment you are willing to make.

    Feeding raw is more difficult for a few reasons. Besides being more expensive it is much less convenient than just pouring from a bag. Raw food must be kept frozen or refrigerated, especially tough when on the go.

  • hunter figueroa says:

    is that good for dogs because i wanna try on my dog.

  • 877soilnow says:

    I mix in alfalfa and kelp powder with his hamburger meat. I buy the good stuff 93% lean. I also add in a few squirts of Grizzly Salmon Oil. He absolutely loves this! 

  • 877soilnow says:

    Sorry for the delay. Yes diarrhea is normal. It takes about a week or so for their digestive system to acclimate to the raw food.

  • eltigeredela134 says:

    Hey how you doing. I am currently feeding my ridgeback pup chicken. He has diarrhea right now. What do you think I should do? Did your puppy have diarrhea when he started his raw diet. I have a week and half giving him raw chicken. Please get back to me when you have a chance. Thanks

  • N3ontr33 says:

    I would do this for my dogs if I bought the chicken from a farmer and not from the stores around here.

  • eltigeredela134 says:

    I have one more question regarding fleas. Are fleas preventable, if so what do you use in order to prevent them?

  • 877soilnow says:

    Cold turkey is how I started. I switched him from Science Diet Large Breed Puppy kibble to raw chicken only at first. Make sure to buy legs or thighs, you dont want anything small because the pup will need to learn to chew the bones. The initial switch is where you will need to be next to them at all times because they can choke on a bone if they go to swallow a piece assuming it’s bone free, like kibble.

    You will notice loose stools at first, no worries, just transitioning. Make sure to google

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