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For any boob tube or fashion fanatic, you’ve seen Paris Hilton along with her friend Nicole Ritchie carry a Chihuahua around in a purse. It looked cute from a pet lover’s perspective, but nowadays it’s all the rage. It is fast starting to become a need rather than a trend, and thus the dog carriers were made for the pet lover. This is most needed by pet owners who leave in the urban areas and need to take their pets around for a walk to the park or wherever during vacation or on weekends, since it would seem very unlikely for you to leave them at home, all alone. You can almost imagine the mess they’ll make when they’re bored, so it would definitely be a better choice to tag them along for a ride. For the fashion-inclined, good news as there are various trendy and chic designs available for your use.

There are tote bags, which are very similar to shoulder bags. These come in several materials, such as denim, crocodile skin or pure leather, for the fashion diva in you. They also come in several designs like polka dots, stripes, and very attractive patterns, resembling a brand name
in modern fashion. Tote bags are appropriate for small dogs like Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus, otherwise if you try to fit a German shepherd, or a Saint Bernard even, in it you’d be surprised to
find upon arriving home, one shoulder abnormally lower than the other.

Back carriers are also available in the market. These help you carry your dog on your back and give them a sense of security and safety, as well as you, since you’ll be having eyes on your back. This helps your dog as well, if they happen to have posture problems, since sometimes tote bags make your pet feel uncomfortable. If you’re not happy with the thought of carrying
something on your back, you can always opt for the sling bag, since there is a possibility that your dog may jump out of the back pack, or get stolen. Sling bags enable you, the owner, to keep an eye on your pet by placing him in front of you, and just like any best friend of yours, you can engage in conversation with them, ignoring the fact that they’ll talk back with a drool-filled bark or licking.

For those who want to treat their dogs like babies, you have wheel carriers at your disposal. This can be very convenient for times when your dog gets tired after tagging him along for a trip to the mall, or any long distance trip. It would be very advantageous if your dog is heavy, so all you’d need to do is take him/her on a stroll while you watch your dog rest comfortably like a baby on its back. There are several wheeled dog carriers available in different colors and designs which may provide your dog a good, luxurious spoiling.

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Question by ChickPea: What is the best dog carrier for airline travel?
I’m flying with my 13 pound miniature dachshund for the first time in April and am looking for a dog carrier that will fit underneath the seat in front of me for the flight. Does anyone have experience with this and, if so, can you recommend a good brand of soft-sided pet carrier (preferably with a shoulder strap)? Thanks!

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Answer by kbldshmn
Use Sherpa’s. They have various types of airline approved pet carriers. I bought one for my sister so she can come see us and not leave her pet behind. I got her the one that she can use as a backpack and they do fit under passenger seats.

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Pet carrier for dogs and cats. Fits on a bicycle, goes in a vehicle, or for walking
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Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 03, 2012

Doggy In Wonderland’s new cat products category currently includes categories for cat beds, cat treats, cat remedies and/or supplements, cat toys, cat carriers, and cat collars. The online pet boutique opened for business on September 1, 2012 and only carried chic dog products at the time such as stylish dog collars and leashes, dog beds, fashion dog clothing, pet furniture, and much more.

“We are very excited about this addition. We planned to include our kitty friends and their families from the beginning, but we wanted to start with what we knew best. We have sought advice from our friends and family who have cats so that we could provide high quality cat products that match the quality we seek in the dog products that we offer, ” one of the managing partners expressed.

Doggy In Wonderland plans to continue adding more cat supplies as well as dog supplies. The managing partner went on to say, “We intend to keep our products fresh and new as well as maintain high quality standards so that our customers keep coming back and feel like family, too.”

Doggy In Wonderland is currently gearing up for the holidays. They are in the process of adding holiday dog clothing, toys, and gifts.

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