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Every day new innovation is coming in the field of automobiles. With the advancement in technology, several new features are being added to the vehicles. To delight the customers, the manufacturers are very interested to introduce new things in their vehicle. Dodge is one of the vehicles which always meet the customer expectations.

In 1914, Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company was started. From 2007, Chrysler Group LLC is selling Dodge brand automobiles all around the world. Starting from the first model of Dodge, each successive model has an innovation that will be accepted and appreciated by the customers. Every model of Dodge will surprise the customers with some new innovation. Dodge never fails to attract the attention of passers-by. The appearance of Dodge will make the owner to be proud of the truck. Dodge Caliber, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Nitro, Dodge viper, Dodge Raider, Dodge Ram, Dodge Neon, Dodge Town Wagon are some of the models of Dodge. The model Dodge Ram hit the market greatly. The model was manufactured from 1981 to 1998. Because of its popularity and good response from the public, the company decided to manufacture Dodge Ram again. Motor Trend Magazine selects Dodge Ram as the truck of the year twice. This reveals the popularity gained by Dodge Ram.

In 1992, the model of Dodge, Dodge Viper causes a great impact among users. Because of that, they were used in TV shows, films and video games. It has two seat supercar architecture.

In 1988, Dodge vehicles were completely removed from the Canadian market. Then Dodge introduced the new model Dodge Neon in 2003.

It was a successful model and got a very good share in the Canadian market. After that, the successive models of Dodge gain good response in Canada.

Dodge Caliber model was introduced in 2006. It looks like a compact car with four wheels. The body of Caliber will be of five door hatchback style. Caliber comes with different variants each has its own unique style. The Avenger model which was in use during 1995 to 2000 again came to the market recently. The Avenger was like a car of medium size.

Now various models of Dodge are available in the market. It is difficult to select a model that meets the requirements. The help of car enthusiasts will be needed during that time. Whenever a new brand is released, they will review it and provide comments. These comments will be helpful to select the suitable model of Dodge. And finding a good dealer is also difficult. Several dealers will be available in an area. But their service history has to be analyzed first before selecting them. No need to go to their place for ordering for the Dodge. Several dealers provide their service through online. So, one can order for Dodge by sitting in his place itself. Selecting the suitable Dodge model and good dealer are very essential. If both these are done properly, one can enjoy the full benefit of his Dodge. He can join the list of proud Dodge owners.

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Question by I love Oscar!: Is it true that you cant mix dry food together for your cat?
I was at my local pet warehouse and the guy working there told me that I should mix the dry food I give to my kitten. I ws giving him science diet mixed with advance and he seems to eat it but not all of it.I feed him wet food in the night. But the guy said that it would make him sick to mix dry toegther. is this true?
sorry thats meant to say the guy said I shouldn’t mix two different brands of dried food.

Best answer:

Answer by Terra P
Some cats may get sick to their stomach with two different types of food but that’s not always the case. Actually when you are switching food over to a new brand you are supposed to mix the food together slowly until you are all the way to the other brand. I feed my cats a mix of two different types of food and i have been for two years and they have always been just fine. Some foods may not be the best o mix together and make your kitty a big gassy i think. but i would call up the vet and just ask what food they would recommend as ask if its alright if your that worried. It doesn’t cost to just call up a vet!

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  • gmosull says:


  • Percy-and-Penny says:


    First you said “the guy working there told me that I should mix the dry food I give to my kitten.” then you said “But the guy said that it would make him sick to mix dry together” which makes no sense.

    If you’re saying you’re mixing wet food with dry – no, you shouldn’t do that. The dry food will quickly get rancid from the moisture of the dry food.

    If you’re saying you can’t mix different dry food together – no, that is NOT true. Some cats can be finicky about foods so some will mix a couple foods together. That way the cat is used to more than one food should one of them go off the market or be unavailable to them at some point.

  • LAURIE says:

    Not necessarily. Mixing food may cause an upset stomach and then you may need to start over trying to find out what one caused it. Make sure the cat get a good amount of canned and the dry just to eat during the day.

  • Tulip says:

    You are actually suppost to mix the food when gradually introducing the new food.

    I doubt that mixing it together will cause any problems, Alot of those pet warehouse people really DON’T know what they are talking about, they are just in the job for the money and know very little about the animals.

  • J C says:

    That’s nonsense! I feed mostly canned, but there is dry left out to nibble. I mix three kinds of dry kibbles together – EVO, California Natural, and Wellness. It’s a low-grain, high-protein healthy mix of dry (or as healthy as dry is going to get). It makes no one sick. Do you eat one and only one kind of food daily? I do the same thing with canned. There are 5 or 6 different brands of by-product free foods that my cats eat, and I rotate among all of them. This avoids any issues if the brand they eat gets changed, or is out of stock.

    Mixing dry and rotating canned isn’t the same thing as abruptly changing a cat’s diet, although quite frankly I’ve never had a problem with that, either. I get lots of fosters from the shelter, and they are instantly given what I feed here, and at least 95% of them gobble up my mix and canned offerings with no issues at all.

  • RuneAmok says:

    Yes, you can feed more than one brand or flavor of dry food. You can feed them separately or mixed together. It matters not.

    The only thing is that when you introduce a new food you should do it slowly because some cats suffer digestive upsets if they get too much of a new food at one time. That’s what the guy probably meant.

    Or maybe not. Pet store employees don’t necessarily have the answers and this guy might just not know what he’s talking about.

  • Anonymous says:
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    great, Jan 11 2012

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