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For the best in Calgary Pet Stores plan to stop by Pisces Pet Emporium.

If you love pets then you will definitely want to plan a trip to Pisces Pet Emporium, this year’s winner of the Consumers Choice Award for best of the Calgary Pet Stores. This independently owned pet store is the largest in Canada and has everything in pets from exotic reptiles to cute puppies and the supplies you need to keep them happy and healthy.

Pisces Pet Emporium is family owned by Peter and Ave Hoeper. They have been in business since 1975 supplying high quality pets and pet supplies to the pet lovers in Calgary and surrounding areas. In addition to winning of best of Calgary Pet Stores in the Consumers Choice Awards this year, the company has also been awarded the honor continually since 2005. Although in the same location the store is now doubled in size, offering an amazing 20,000 square feet of pets, pet equipment and pet supplies. The store also has a special treat for customers, a Marmoset monkey enclosure, which is a highlight of the store. Besides the monkeys, which are always ready to make you smile, the store offers a huge range of pets. They have puppies and kittens, birds, small animals, reptiles and tanks and tanks of all kinds of fish. In addition a specialized section of the store offers all you need in large and small outdoor pond supplies including live pond plants during the growing season. The staff is very experienced in all aspects of pet care and will happily answer all your questions to make sure you get the right pet or pet supplies. If you are looking for hamsters or rare salt water fish and everything in between you will definitely find it at Pisces Pet Emporium, the best of the Calgary Pet Stores in this year’s Consumers Choice Award.

Some people may not be aware that the Consumers Choice Award is an annual award that is only presented in Canada and the United States. Unlike awards that are judged within the industry, this award is completely determined by the consumers in the city in which the business operates. An independent research company prepares a survey that allows customers to vote in different categories, including best Calgary Pets Stores. From this information the company with the most votes is selected as the best of the Calgary Pet Stores, which is a true community based recognition.

With such as strong background in being selected as the best of Calgary Pet Stores in the Consumers Choice Awards, Pisces Pet Emporium really does excel in both products and customer service. They provide all types of pets, pet supplies and pet equipment for small to larger animals. The staff is experienced and knowledgeable and always ready to help in answering questions and sharing information on the pets and supplies in the store. To see the pets come down to the store located at 4921 Skyline Way NE, Calgary or give them a call at 403-274-3314.

Additional information on the pets and products available can be found at

**ALL SPAM/UNSUPPORTIVE COMMENTS WILL BE REMOVED AND YOU WILL BE REPORTED** consider yourself warned! A look into the awful world of puppy mills. The video explains everything.
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Question by ?: Pet stores?
Well, I am very well informed about the pup mill puppies in pet stores, and I would NEVER get a dog from them.

Before I knew about the pet stores, I got two guinea pigs from Petsmart. My question is, do they have guinea pig mills? Should I be concerned? I guess it isn’t the same, since there aren’t guinea pigs roaming the streets and getting euthanized by the millions, but still…
the other, small pet store’s guinea pigs were obviously sick.

Best answer:

Answer by Sean
While I am not 100% sure and I’m basing my answer on what I know about rabbits and their breeders, I think the answer is no. I am assuming that, like rabbits, guinea pigs are bred by local breeders. Someone can disprove me on that one, but that is my educated guess.

I’m not too pleased with Petsmart anyway; I consider them they Wal-Mart of pet stores. While browsing the tropical fish, I overheard a manager tell an employee, “Don’t worry about taking care of them, just get rid of the dead ones to make the tank look good.” That stuck in my craw, enough that we ended up writing a letter.

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City Council Approves Ban on Pet Sales From Breeders
The Los Angeles City Council's decision to ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits purchased from commercial breeders closely resembles action taken by the city of West Hollywood in 2010. West Hollywood was among the first cities in the …

National Aquarium Training Center
Exclusive Online Aquatic Training For Pet And Aquarium Stores. Comprehensive Training Center With Courses On Freshwater, Saltwater And Reefs.
National Aquarium Training Center

ABC’s “The Bachelor,” Lorenzo Borghese assisted an HSUS undercover investigation into more than 100 pet stores across the state of New York. Video shows a direct line from puppy mills in the midwest to pet stores in New York.

A few pet stores products I can recommend:

Bulldog puppy purloined in latest Naperville pet store theft
For the sixth time in little more than four years, thieves have targeted a pet shop on Naperville's far west side, this time making off with a bulldog puppy. A man and a woman are being sought in the latest theft from the Petland store at 720 S. Route …
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36 Responses to Calgary Pet Stores

  • celebritysongs says:

    Sick Sick Sick Sick people We have in this world…

  • Coraline Jones says:

    this is so sad these puppys dont deserve to be treated like this but nice video

  • natu3791 says:

    too sad 。・゚(゜´Д`゜)゚・。

  • shashoo16 says:

    Nice vid

  • shashoo16 says:

    Very,very sad

  • shashoo16 says:

    So sad

  • crican34p says:

    Fuck Amish people if they are so peaceful why the fuck are they running puppy mill for! You know I always thought that Amish were nice people but not no more Sick bastards. And any one else who runs puppy mills. People who run puppy mills should be lined up and executed .

  • GymClassHeroes2000 says:

    Poor pups. I hate every1 who does this to innocent animals:(

  • melony nunez says:

    I feel like reaching through the screen and unlock all the cages and lead them to the owner and let them attack then take them to vets or keeping them at home and caring for then and then give them away if they want to these dogs are unhappy and unhealthy we need to help them and buy as many dogs as possible and help them get a doctor and a healthy lovey homes so they can do whatever and have a happy future. TO ALL YOU GREEDY FRIKIN EVIL HELL MAKERS LET THE DOG BE FREE YOU DIRTY LOW LIFE SCUM.

  • kayceehorse says:

    I’m not saying there are not wonderful breeders out there. I mostly say that so people that don’t know any better don’t get a sick dog. I admit that I’ve never been fond of breeders because some of them add to the number of unwanted animals every year, but I have seen high quality breeders. If there where only good breeders in the world then there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • charmed6057 says:

    Thats why you research breeders and find out as much information as possible about them. I got my dog from a Breeder, who is very well known and even checks in on us every so often. Not all breeders produce animals that are in deplorable condition or develop such.

  • flowerpetals32 says:

    Puppy Mills is where people breed dogs for profit, and they don’t care how dirty the cages are and are not taking care of the puppies well.

  • stoppuppymills100 says:

    Look at my video

  • dream0clouds says:

    This is madness! Horrible! Poor dogs!!!

  • VillaNueva2429 says:

    12 y/o

  • VillaNueva2429 says:

    For a 12 – its not that bad :J

  • scooternellie1 says:

    This is sad stupid puppy mills

  • TehKitteh01 says:

    Some pet stores here stopped selling puppies and are now encouraging adoption. If most, if not all did this, even for a while, the mills would shut down.

  • teenatuner says:

    Damn right they deserve homes. They should be seized and taken to rescue organizations who will treat them as living sentient beings, not product, and will find them good homes. The stores should not profit as they are part of the deception and perpetuation of the cycle.

  • Chase D says:

    y wont obama say it is illeagal now so puppymills will end

  • campanitayamamoto says:

    is just BECAUSE brainless people don’t care about “just dogs”… that people don’t care about children… why care about children? or other human being? if they can ever care about “just dogs”… right? I can’t believe I can read such things… in 21st century… unbelieveable…

  • KripDrip says:

    puppy mills creates jobs

  • Skylarkien says:

    well, most would get bought anyway, but you can’t shut down the puppy mills without getting rid of the demand. The best approach would be a ban n selling puppies from stores and websites, then the puppy mills would be shut down and you wouldn’t have all these puppies in store waiting to get bought.

  • ladybaseball51 says:

    I love the video, I won’t purchase anything from a pet from a pet store, I know where they came from, yes there should be a law to force pet stores to tell the origin of the dog they are going to purchase.

  • sega310982 says:

    They should enact laws to force pet stores to tell them the origin of the dogs.

  • MyOnlyPaperStars says:

    :l i think my dog was a puppy mill puppy at one point… :[

  • Augusta Stoughton says:

    If anyone wants to read some more about puppy mills, there is a new book coming out called “Maya’s Tale” that exposes the puppy mill problem in Pennsylvania.

  • warriorsrock123 says:

    This is why EVERYTIME i pass one of those puppy pet shops… i end up getting kicked out XD I mean how can you like resist running in their with puppy mill flyers and secretly handing them to the customers and then for a big finish you yell that the dogs are from puppy mills and try to quickly yell what a puppy mill is. XD Luckily i’m a teen who looks like a little kid so all i get is kicked out. but you all should try it sometime it’s really fun

  • Marianna Garza says:

    were from an exibition group were trying to stop puppy mill

  • Lexingtonprepdude says:

    Lol morons, if I tell people the dogs are abused more people will buy them…fail tactic

  • 88Cathycat says:

    Why not buying a pet in a shelter ? They don’t breed , they have plenty animals from people that bought in a pet store as a so called ‘ emotional buying ‘.
    And do anyone realizing what happens with that adorable puppy or kitty that is not that is not sold after 3 months ! Yes , they goes back to the puppy mill for breeding the rest of their lives. Stop buying animals in Pet Stores than the Puppy Mills lose their clientèle and it will slowly ending because the big money stopped.

  • thatawesomegal14 says:

    That means my 9 old dog probably came from one of those! So sad, breaks my heart!

  • bananasunshinecake says:

    they would probably get transported to local, or non-local shelters. 

  • chikabirdy says:

    They’d go to shelters. It’s nothing against the puppies, it’s against the cruel “breeders.” If you buy that puppy (or “save” it) in a pet store, you’re supporting the horrific mistreatment of the mother puppy. AND a lot of puppy mill dogs are purposely born a bit premature so that the mother can go on and have another litter without a break. If people would stop buying these dogs, there would be no dogs that we’re wonder where they’d go.

  • MarMarLog says:

    But what about the puppies that already exist?
    The puppies that are in pet stores that don’t get bought? Don’t get me wrong, puppy mills are terrible terrible places and shouldn’t exist….but why punish puppies for the accident of where they were born?

  • sayhello2mylittlefriend94 says:

    Yes, I think so. I saw a video where they were just piled up into boxes. A hamster got loose and an employee purposely killed it by squishing it. He then threw it away, not even making sure it was dead. Sickening.
    Try going to local, small pet stores. Big chain pet stores usually try to do it cheaply, which means less care for the animals. Pet shops that aren’t chain stores generally are a lot better, because they usually don’t have as many animals. More animals=less care for the animals. Less animals=more care for the animals.

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