Bake Dog Bone Review

More and more people prefer to make the bone for their dog by themselves at home, it is not unusual phenomenon nowadays.
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Firstly, most of pet food is cooked by high temperature that has destoryed large proportion of viable enzymes and trophic value contained in raw materials. Although high temprature is helpful in exterminating bacterial and postponed quality guarantee period of the food, most of nutirent have been lost during the high-temperature cook.

Secondly, the source of protein in pet food is by-product after selected by people, it can not be well digested by pet.

Thirdly, many pet food contains poultry fat and beef tallow that is also hard for dog to digest well.

So bake a bone for your dog at home is a much healthy diet for your pet, Bake a Dog a Bone is just a book containing all kinds of methods on dog diet with detailed instruction of expalining you how to cook. And the author are Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram. You will get much surprise from the content of the book and it is most possible that you will become professor in pet food one day.
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As we know it is not a bad idea to change the ingredient of dog food, here are some advantages:
1.balance the nutrient proportion contained in dog body, do not believe has it all, because no one pet food can includes all elements that body needs;
2.reduce the amount of one element acculated in vivio;
3.tigger dogs passion for food, and bring dog a different feeling regularly.

Do not worry you can not find enough food ingredient, since Bake a dog a Bone can provide you with all necessary information.

Bake a dog a Bone also lists what kind of food that dog can not eat at all, because they may contain hazardous substance.

In a word, you can find all information that you need, and Bake a dog a Bone is just creating a new and more healthy way of dieting our pet.

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Question by Mark D: What is a good website to find healthy dog treats and dental bones?
I recently discovered which does a phenomenal job rating dog foods and after doing much research I found out all the junk products I happily feed my Golden Retreiver every day. As you can imagine I’m disgusted, especially with myself for not doing my homework beforehand. I have found a new food product I intend to start purchasing tomorrow but now I would like to find healthier treats and something to chew on to keep her teeth clean. Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Lottie
The best dental bones are the brand “Greenies” , they make a very healthy treat as well.

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Dingo-Brand Bones/Products: Sale/Free Shipping-and a Laugh!
Walgreen's (who used to have great sales on Dingos) has been replacing them with their new brand of dog treats, making it nearly impossible to afford to give out Dingos to everyone now–especially since we are an “equal opportunity treat provider …
Read more on Houston Chronicle (blog) 4 out of 5 dogs currently suffer with Mouth Rot and Gum Disease and most of them are suffering in silence. Processed Pet foods contain many ingredients that contribute to this disease. The ONLY way to ensure your dog has a healthy happy smile is to feed mother natures diet of Raw Meaty Bones. Our dogs cannot speak for themselves but these dogs are talking the truth and we hope to have been a voice for them in this video.. Thank you to all the dogs who featured in this video, All dogs here are fed a raw diet and you can see for yourselves just how happy healthy they look!
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Many dog owners indulge their pets' craving to chew with various rubber and synthetic toys, bones and other popular products like tracheas, tendons and antlers. Bully sticks are another product that is marketed for dogs, and, while usually they are …

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10 Responses to Bake Dog Bone Review

  • KRTotten says:

    I couldn’t agree more, I always ask people “Whats the ratio for dogs in the wild with disease compared to dogs at home on commercial food”, I rarely see a “Sick” animal in the wild, Animals are supposed to feed off of natural raw foods(Meat), Just watch the way your dog eats “Dry commercial food” as opposed to how your animal chews on raw meat and big meaty bones, My dog (A husky collie cross) looks so content when chewing big meaty bones, and looks uncomfortable to chew dry food from a petstore

  • Jacob Stallings says:

    You need some education. Call me about the raw food diet sometime 865-724-3843

  • Nikki Brown says:

    You need re-educating my friend! Dry Dog food causes mouth rot and gum disease! It sticks to their teeth and bacteria grows in there.. Wake up my friend!! You have been brain washed by the big pet food companies who just want to make money out of you!

  • FirstLTRipvanWinkle says:

    Very nice video Saya has been raw fed since she was 8 months old and she is now two years old at 7month she got lamb ribs as treats and then switched when I was ready.

    Raw diet is great for her health. never dive in head first do research before trying..

  • angelbe88 says:

    I’ve been giving my dog raw marrow bones since he was a pup and recently came across some info on raw meaty bones. I read that that’s all they need to eat and maybe some organs. What do you think about that? If that is enough where do I find out how much to give him daily? He’s 16lbs. Also wondering if I were to just feed him the raw meat and bones if the fleas would go away. He’s on frontline and it doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Proud owner of a maltipoo says:

    Jones Natural Chews are excellent.I have tried so many other things for my dog like brushing teeth with dog toothpaste/toothbrush,chew toys,kongs,dry dog food yet the only effective one I came across is Jones Natural Chews.

  • sisu says:

    Feed her raw bones. Nothing better for keeping her teeth clean.
    Start with chicken legs. You may need to hold it the first few times until she learns the bone is to be chewed, not swallowed whole.
    My dogs like bully sticks, dried tendons and dehydrated sweet potatoes.
    The best treats are the ones you make at home. Usually just a few simple ingredients.
    Google Healthy Home Cooked Dog Treats

  • Cookie says:

    If your dog has inherited good”teeth” genes, anything he chews on will keep his teeth clean, however if not, it won’t matter whether you buy particular dental chews, feed raw, feed bones, the teeth will still need professional cleaning. I’ve owned 32 dogs in my lifetime as a breeder and trainer, and some of them have had excellent teeth on Purina Dog Chow, and some have had horrible teeth on raw bones. My vet told me to stop with the raw bones because if you are giving them to a dog with soft teeth, the teeth could fracture (which happened to one of mine)
    Make sure you buy chewies made in the USA, not Columbia or Brazil. Sometimes you have to almost get a magnifying glass to read on the back where they are made. Those in the pet stores that say American, are not made here.
    Glad you’re being careful about what you feed. It’s very hard to find treats that are free of corn,wheat, soy, by-products, or chicken, all of which are considered allergens to dogs with food allergies.

  • Emma says:

    Why not make them?

    Here are a bunch of recipes for homemade dog treats. I ‘m sure you’ll find one that you pup will love!

    My dog loves the magic meatballs!


  • Liam Smith says:

    I buy from amazon, good prices and good quality pet supplies

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